She’s not cold hearted, she’s just tired of getting fucked over. - Anonymous (via sassyfag)

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hearing straight people talk about gay people without them knowing you’re gay is surreal. i feel like an undercover spy. they think i’m one of them

So fucking true.

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One time I heard my boyfriend had sex with another girl. So I called and asked him about it and he denied it, so I called the girl and she denied it too, and then I called my boyfriend back and told him that the girl had told me everything and he replied with “it was just one time. It meant nothing.” And then I replied with “fuck you, she didn’t tell me anything.” And that’s still my favorite story to tell.

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do u ever start being friends with someone

and then u get to know them 

and its like

no wait 

i dont actually like you

can we stop this friendship thing we have going on

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So I walked into the dentist this morning. My dentist asked me how my weekend was. I said “Good, I watched Captain America last night. I really liked it.” And my dentist says “Oh, my son is in that movie.” At first I thought he was joking but then I realized

Dr. Robert Evans

I looked it up

My dentist is Captain America’s dad

My doctor is JK Rowling’s husband.

JK Rowling’s husband has asked me if I am sexually active.

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Do you ever feel like dis?

Omg yes all the time.

Like seriously whenever I’m sunbathing with the girls I ALWAYS feel like there’s a pig sunbathing next to me like wtf who invited this pig?